Guess who started a podcast?

I’m sooooooooooooooo excited to announce the launch of my podcast: Profits, Passion & Purpose!! ?

This is an idea that I have been wrestling with for awhile… and I finally decided, WHY NOT?! If I want to create a podcast, WHY NOT!

This podcast will be all about making profits, doing what you love and of course, living your purpose! My goal is to provide business tips, personal stories, inspiration and ultimately, produce a podcast you turn on when you are ready to be motivated!

I sincerely believe that we are all made and capable of greatness! I hope to share a little of the journey with you via this podcast as you embark on yours!

My podcast is available on iTunes, soundcloud, and anchor!…/profits-passion-an…/id1387683081…

(ps- for beauty & lifestyle, check out my easy makeup tutorials at, and for business and inspiration, this podcast will be where its at!)